‘I will keep on’ criticising, says Moin Khan

Image courtesy of: The Express Tribune

“I will interfere in every aspect, but only when things are not going according to the plan”

Former Pakistan wicketkeeper Moin Khan, who was recently appointed as manager for the national team’s tour of Zimbabwe, has announced that he will be watching every player like a hawk and “will keep on” criticising them to “improve things”.

Khan added that discipline and team unity were high on his list as well.

“Criticism is natural when the performance isn’t good and if he [Whatmore] is still [not performing] I will keep on doing it,” Khan said. “Now that I am the manager and head of the selection committee on tour, I will interfere in every aspect, but only when things are not going according to the plan. Being a [former] cricketer, you will obviously see me on the ground mixing with the boys, but I will only interfere if my input is required.”

Khan noted that all the criticism he dishes out will help the team become better, both physically and mentally.

“The major reason for the criticism (in the past) is to improve things and, being a Pakistani and former captain, it’s my moral duty to give constructive criticism,” he said. “In the past, at any media forum, I only made constructive comments so that people with whom I do not communicate directly can know of my concerns.”

With Pakistan currently touring Zimbabwe, Khan stated that he will ensure all the players maintain proper conduct both on and off the field.

“I think it’s the best team and from what I have observed, all the players are sensible,” he said. “There is a need for creating a sense of responsibility among the players. We understand they also need a comfortable surrounding but I will not compromise on discipline. There are lines drawn, which every player has to keep to and follow accordingly. I will not tolerate any violation.

“What we want is to get the best performance out of this team. There are certain rules according to which things will be tackled.”

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