Monty Panesar fined for urinating on bouncers

Image courtesy of: The Sun

This is not the first time Panesar has been arrested

England spinner Monty Panesar has been fined by police after he was caught urinating on bouncers who threw him out of a club in the seaside town of Brighton.

According to reports, Panesar was asked to leave the beachside club, Shooshh, after a group of women complained that he had been bothering them.

After being ejected from the club, Panesar walked to the promenade above the club and urinated on the bouncers below.

Panesar then tried to run off after the bouncers chased him, but he was eventually caught in a pizza parlour and brought back to the club, where a call to the police was made.

The police fined Panesar £90 for his actions and the left-arm spinner offered an “unreserved apology” for his behaviour through his spokesman.

Sussex CCC confirmed that Panesar had been involved in the incident and noted that “the matter is under full investigation.”

Speaking about the incident, a Sussex Police spokesman said: “A 31-year-old man received a fixed penalty notice for being drunk and disorderly after being seen urinating in public near the Shooshh Club in King’s Road Arches, Brighton, around 4.13am on Monday.”

This is not the first time Panesar has been arrested as in 2011 he was taken into custody by police after getting into a heated dispute with his wife in a pub car park.

He was eventually released without being charged.

Panesar has struggled throughout the entire county season and was even dropped by Sussex earlier due to his poor on-field attitude.

The left-arm spinner is also dealing with a sore shoulder and has gotten into a lazy habit of stopping the ball with his boot and throwing it back to the wicketkeeper underarm.

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