Sourav Ganguly was always disrespectful and late for tosses, reveals Steve Waugh

Image courtesy of: NDTV

Waugh believes Ganguly always “showed a lack of respect for the game”

Former Australia captain Steve Waugh has slammed ex-India skipper Sourav Ganguly over his disrespectfulness and the fact that he was always late for tosses when the two nations squared off for a Test series in 2001.

“The fact that he turned up late every game — it was his choice,” Waugh said. “I just thought it showed a lack of respect for the game. It didn’t really affect me. The match referee actually told him that he had to turn up on time.”

However, Ganguly has denied Waugh’s accusations on numerous occasions, stating that he was late for a toss just once and not every time like Waugh put it.

“There is a tradition that both team captains have to sport the team blazer while going for the toss,” Ganguly had said. “On that particular day, I did not get my blazer and it took time to get hold of it… That was the reason for the delay.”

Speaking about the ongoing Ashes series, Waugh noted that the current Australian squad are “inexperienced” in comparison to England as many of the their players are representing Australia in the Ashes for the first time.

“The current Australian side is inexperienced, while England are experienced lot,” Waugh said. “We nearly won the first Test at Trent Bridge. So we need to just hang in there and have faith in our abilities.

“The young Australian players are immensely talented. We have a lot of talent, especially in bowling department.”

The former Australian skipper also advised the national selectors not to keep dropping and adding players as it does not really accomplish anything.

“Constant chopping and changing deters players’ confidence,” he added. “The good thing that the selectors can do is to stick a team which they believe in. The players can use the opportunity to prove their abilities.”

Waugh also noted that Test cricket still is the hardest out of all the three formats and added that every youngster should look to represent their country at the Test level.

“You can’t find such testing situations in Twenty20 cricket,” he said. “Try and play for your country in Test cricket first; all the other things will fall in place afterwards.”

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