Pakistan masseur accused of sexual harassment during Champions Trophy


Image courtesy of: Zee News

The PCB have been forced to deal with yet another embarrassing controversy

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have announced that they are investigating claims that the national team’s masseur, Malang Ali, sexually harassed a female employee at a London hotel the team were staying at during the recently concluded Champions Trophy.

Reports immediately surfaced that Ali was sent home over the allegations, but, according to numerous sources, he returned to Pakistan to look after his sick wife.

“The hotel management informed the Pakistani team officials that one of their female workers had lodged a complaint with them that she was sexually harassed by the masseur of the team,” one source claimed. “The team management than conducted a inquiry and found out that the allegations against Malang had substance and it was decided to send him back home immediately to avoid any legal complications and another embarrassing situation for Pakistan cricket.”

The source added that Ali had been questioned by the PCB over his actions and removed from his post.

Interestingly enough, during the 2007-08 International Cricket Council (ICC) Under-19 World Cup in Malaysia, Ali was also accused of stealing money and other valuable items from a player’s room.

“The irony was that even through the team management reported him to the Board on the basis of CCTV footage in the team hotel, Malang after a period of suspension was again back working with the national team because of his close ties with some players who have backed him to be with the team for a while now,” the source said.

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