Mohammad Ashraful admits to match-fixing

Image courtesy of: Fox Sports

Ashraful begged for forgiveness for the crimes he had committed

Former Bangladesh captain Mohammad Ashraful has admitted to taking part in illegal activities during the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) and offered a teary-eyed apology to all his team-mates and fans.

Ashraful acknowledged he was wrong to have gotten himself involved in match-fixing and came clean about his activities, telling the International Cricket Council’s (ICC)¬†Anti-Corruption and Security Unit after he could no longer live with the guilt.

“Obviously, I am feeling very bad… Please pray for me,” was all Ashraful could say before breaking down into tears and being whisked away to his apartment in Dhaka.

Ashraful regained his spot in the national team during the 2012-13 cricket season and scored a majestic 190 in his first game back against Sri Lanka, which was hailed as one of the greatest innings by a Bangladeshi batsman.

While he didn’t have the same amount of success during Bangladesh’s tour of Zimbabwe, he still looked in good nick, but his career may be all but over as he awaits justice for his crimes.

Ashraful conceded he had made a terrible mistake and asked for forgiveness from his team-mates, the people of Bangladesh and from all his fans around the world.

“Not talking in front of the camera got me into trouble in the first place,” he said jokingly. “I made a mistake. This was the first time in my career that the ICC anti-corruption unit called on me. I did some bad things and I admitted to doing them. I am trying to help them for the sake of cricket.

“After coming back from Zimbabwe, when they asked me, I told them what I had done. I didn’t want to keep feeling guilty, so I told them whatever I did wrong. I made a couple of mistakes, but otherwise I was honest to the cause of playing for Bangladesh.

“I apologise to the entire nation, to all my fans and friends. I am guilty about everything. I have disappointed my fans.”

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