Rajiv Shukla’s resignation doesn’t exonerate him of the mess he left behind, says Lalit Modi

Image courtesy of: The Guardian

Modi feels Shukla should be held responsible for failing to keep the IPL clean

Former Indian Premier League (IPL) commissioner Lalit Modi believes Rajiv Shukla’s resignation will not exonerate him of the terrible state in which he left the tournament.

Shukla recently joined Modi as the second IPL commissioner to stand down after a match-fixing scandal was exposed and rocked the cricketing world to its core.

Modi noted that the match-fixing scandal has brought Shukla’s shallowness and inexperience to light.

“Hey @ShuklaRajiv your resigning does not absolve you of your wrong doings. Either admit you were rubber stamp or co conspirator,” Modi said via his Twitter account. “Does Rajiv Shukla resignation absolve him of IPL MESS -a big NO. – you were chairman of Ipl. It happened in your watch. You are either incompetent or co conspirator. Either way you must take the blame.”

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