Sahara will not sponsor India as long as Narayanaswami Srinivasan remains president of the BCCI, says Subrata Roy

Image courtesy of: The Hindu

Roy will reconsider sponsoring India if Srinivasan resigns

Sahara Group chief Subrata Roy has announced that his company, who currently are the main sponsors of the Indian national team, will withdraw their support when their contract ends in December if Narayanaswami Srinivasan is still the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Sahara recently cut their funding for the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise, the Pune Warriors, which saw them terminated from the tournament.

Roy stated his company had stopped injecting funds into the franchise after they had a heated dispute with the BCCI over annual payments.

“It’s really unfair, sad, irritating and disgusting,” Roy said. “The last 13-14 years we had enjoyed such a harmonious relationship (with BCCI) till Shashank Manohar was there. But after that it is so disgusting.

“We enjoyed such a good relation with BCCI till Shashank Manohar was there.”

However, Roy noted that if Srinivasan were to resign, he would reconsider renewing his contract to continue sponsoring the Indian team.

“I will say yes to it,” he said. “Everything revolves around Srinivasan. He doesn’t know how to run a sports body like BCCI. A sports body chief shouldn’t have such egoistic attitude.

“This way one cannot work. If Sahara does anything wrong the entire responsibility is on me and if BCCI does anything wrong being the president it’s his responsibility.¬†One should be at least civil, be courteous. I called him numerous time, even wrote to him but he didn’t bother to reply. This is not the way to promote a sport.”

Roy blamed Sahara’s frosty relations with the BCCI on Srinivasan and added that the BCCI president was also the reason why the match-fixing scandal had occurred.

“When we took the franchise we have been assured of 94 matches and that’s why we have quoted such a big price but later on it was reduced to 64 matches,” he said. “I tried to convince him (Srinivasan) but he didn’t listen. He committed but later broke all the commitments. I am sorry to say such a person shouldn’t head an important sports body like BCCI.

“We never defaulted in the last 13-14 years. We were trying our best to get the arbitration done but that was not happening. My legal team even advised me to withdraw after the start of the tournament but I said this is not sporting.”

The Sahara chief also believes the Chennai Super Kings franchise should be terminated after¬†Gurunath Meiyappan, a top Super Kings official and Srinivasan’s son-in-law, was also arrested for his connection in the match-fixing scandal.

“If a franchise is involved in betting their contract should immediately be scrapped,” Roy said. “I f a owner is involved in betting it’s wrong.

“People who rule sports bodies, National Sports Federations (NSFs) should be clear. A rule should be made that NSFs should be governed by sportspersons.”

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