I consider myself extremely lucky to have represented India for 16 years, says Rahul Dravid

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

Dravid considers himself lucky to have had his childhood dreams come true

Legendary India batsman Rahul Dravid believes he is extremely lucky to have represented his country for 16 years as many other superstars of the game start to crumble and break down by their tenth year in the game.

Dravid noted it was an “honour” to represent India and give something back to the people, who treat cricket more like a religion than anything else.

“It is a great honour,” Dravid said. “When you start playing you don’t think about the awards. You just play because you just love it and there is no reason why you start playing this game.

“But along the way when you get awards and recognitions from the government of India, from the people of this country … it is a great privilege and honour.”

With millions of youngsters playing the game everyday across India, Dravid also believes he was fortunate to have been discovered and picked to play for the national team at a very young age.

“I am very lucky that I had the talent to play cricket for this country,” he added. “It is the number one sport in this country … virtually a religion in this country and I feel privileged to have played for my country.

“I couldn’t have asked for anything more and on top of that to get the recognition and honour is truly a big privilege.”

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