Let your bat do the talking, says Sir Vivian Richards

Image courtesy of: The Indian Express

Richards never backed down from confrontations during his career

It is a common occurrence for cricketers nowadays to become involved in on-field spats and sledging, however, while West Indies legend Sir Vivian Richards believes it is important for cricketers to defend themselves, he feels that the best way of doing that is by letting the bat or ball do the talking for them.

Richards noted it was vital for cricketers to keep their composure when “bullying” tactics are enforced by the opposition, but equally as important not to crack under the pressure of sledging.

“Standing at the crease with guys swearing at you, telling you all sorts of things about your parenthood…if you’ve got good substance, your presence at the crease will be enough,” Richards was quoted as saying by the Times of India. “You have got to think you are the man, having your chest and chin up and never taking a backward step. One has to try and exhibit what batsmanship is all about. When you score a hundred, it’s going to hurt a bowler more than anything else.

“There are times you have to be confrontational. There are some bullies in cricket and nobody should be allowed to bully anyone. For me, if you confront me, I’ll finish the confrontation myself.”

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