Alexei Kervezee gives up international duty for county dream

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KNCB have allowed Kervezee to return to the national team at any time

Netherlands batsman Alexei Kervezee has announced his retirement from international cricket in order to chase his dream of becoming the first Dutchman to conquer county cricket in England, where he is currently representing Worcestershire.

The Netherlands cricket board, KNCB, stated that Kervezee’s decision was “extremely disappointing” but added that they would respect it nonetheless.

However, KNCB also noted that if the 23-year-old were to ever change his mind and want to represent the Netherlands once again, then they would grant him the opportunity to do so.

Kervezee, who has been playing for the Netherlands in age-group tournaments since the age of 13, admitted that the decision was a tough one, but one that had to be made, in his opinion, since it was in his best interests.

“It’s a decision that I haven’t taken lightly and have thought long and hard about over the last few months but feel at this time in my career it is right for me in order to pursue my ultimate goal,” Kervezee said. “I want clarity in my mind as to what I’m working to and for, where I want to be and what I need to do to get there.

“It’s always been an honour and pleasure representing Netherlands Cricket and something I never took lightly. I owe a great deal to Dutch cricket and playing for them is something that I will forever cherish, but at this point in my career I feel I need to focus on my future at Worcestershire.”

KNCB chairman of selectors Jeroen Smit was shocked by Kervezee’s decision, and said: “This is an extremely disappointing day for Dutch Cricket to be losing a player of Alexei’s capabilities in a crucial World Cup Qualification year. Peter Drinnen [the coach], Richard Cox [the CEO] and I have spent many hours in recent times attempting to persuade Alexei against this decision. Alexei has been an outstanding player for Netherlands and he knows our door is always open if his England aspirations don’t materialise but for now it’s time for us to move on and to pursue our stated aim of qualification for the 2015 World Cup.”

Kervezee has played 39 ODIs with a top score of 92, along with 10 Twenty20 Internationals, where his top score is 58 .

The Dutchman has also represented Worcestershire in 49 first-class matches and has a top score of 155, along with an average of 32.93.

His best season with Worcestershire came in 2010 when he scored an outstanding 1,190 runs, but has failed to match that in the previous two years.

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