Virender Sehwag is definitely the most dangerous batsman out there, says Sunil Narine

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

Narine believes Sehwag’s unnatural batting style makes him a tough customer to deal with

West Indies spinner Sunil Narine has admitted that India opening batsman Virender Sehwag is by far the hardest batsman he has ever bowled to and also the most dangerous by miles.

Narine stated that Sehwag’s attacking nature makes him a game changer in any given situation and his aggressive and flamboyant style constantly keeps bowlers under immense pressure.

“Sehwag by far is the most dangerous batsman I have bowled to,” Narine said. “No matter what the situation is, he will always go after the bowling, which makes him the most dangerous batsman in the world.”

Despite not being able to match the 24 wickets he took in last year’s Indian Premier League (IPL) season, Narine noted that he enjoyed his time with the Kolkata Knight Riders this year and added that Gautam Gambhir was a captain who always drew the best out of him.

“Other captains have handled me well but Gambhir has a very good idea of the game and handles me really well,” Narine said.

On a lighter note, Narine also spared a moment to talk about his trademark mohawk hairstyle, which he believes is his lucky charm.

“It is not a style statement,” he said. “Rather, ever since I kept it I have been doing well in cricket, so I hope to keep it going.”

With Narine continuing to excel in all formats of the game, the 24-year-oldĀ Trinidadian one day hopes to bowl to legendary India batsman Sunil Gavaskar.

“I have bowled to Sachin Tendulkar and given a chance I would love to bowl to Gavaskar,” he said.

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