A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Shakib Al Hasan still waiting on initial BPL payment

Al Hasan warned that other players might start rebelling if they have yet to be paid

Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan has revealed that he is still waiting on the initial payment of his Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) contract with the Dhaka Gladiators.

All players were supposed to receive 25 per cent of their total fee prior to the start of the tournament.

According to the new rules, players should receive 25 per cent of their payment before the tournament, 25 per cent at some point during the tournament and the remaining 50 per cent within 150 days of the competition being completed.

“I haven’t received it yet,” Al Hasan said. “I think rules about payment should be written down so that payments can be made properly. The players will appreciate if payments are made for this season because we know what happened last season.”

Even though the non-payment has not affected Al Hasan’s loyalty to his franchise, he warned that other players might not feel the same way.

“It [non-payment] won’t affect the on-field performance but players will feel bad, those who haven’t been paid yet,” Al Hasan added. “We are all sufferers to be honest. It would be great if we get paid soon, because we give our 100% when we take the field and deliver results.”

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