A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Bangladesh never backed out of their promise to tour Pakistan, says Nazmul Hassan

Hassan vows that the tour will take place in the near future

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) president Nazmul Hassan has announced that the country never backed out of their promise to tour Pakistan and added that he has already sent a security team to see if the security arrangements are up to par.

Hassan’s predecessor Mustafa Kamal, now the International Cricket Council (ICC) vice-president, recently revealed that the BCB had never given the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) an “unconditional commitment” to play a series in the country.

However, Hassan disputes this and vows that the series will take place soon.

“We think it is time to send a second security team,” Hassan said. “A lot of time has passed from the last inspection [in March last year]. We will sit in the next few days with the government about forming the team.

“We haven’t made any specific decisions about a tour date but we discussed our end of the problem with him [PCB president Zaka Ashraf]. We talked about a time slot, which will be between the end of March and the start of April.”

Hassan met Ashraf during the recently concluded India Pakistan ODI series and noted that talks between the two parties went extremely well and added that there were no ‘negative vibes’.

“What I explained to him was the reason behind Bangladesh not travelling [to Pakistan] this time,” Hassan said. “He understood our problem, was reasonable and his hospitality was really good.

“What he said to [ESPNcricinfo] was not what he told me. I still believe that based on our cordial discussion, the Pakistani players will take part in BPL. I think it is a knee-jerk reaction, because what we discussed in Delhi didn’t give me a negative vibe.”

Hassan also noted that he has all the evidence to prove that Kamal’s version of the events were flawed and incorrect.

“I don’t say anything without confirming and without knowing, so what he said was completely wrong,” Hassan said. “I have all the proof.

“On April 12 last year, a letter was sent from the BCB, [which mentioned that] we were going there to play, but that tour didn’t happen due to a court ruling. The second letter was sent from here on October 8 where a timeline of December 12 to 20 was given for touring.

“Both these letters were sent during his [Kamal’s] time. The directors told me they don’t know anything about the letter. Our CEO made all the communications on behalf of the board. He told me that it was Kamal bhai who asked him to send the letters.”

Hassan even went as far as showing a copy of the footage from April 12, where the ICC were talking to the media about Bangladesh’s tour to Pakistan.

“We go back to April last year when we sent a letter on the 12th,” Hassan added. “On the April 15 ICC meeting, it was written in the minutes that Bangladesh will go to play in Pakistan, and they would have to go even if the ICC don’t send match officials. We cannot cancel the tour, we have to go.

“I don’t know if there can be any more difficult conditions for touring. I also saw that only Mustafa Kamal was present from Bangladesh in that meeting. If the minutes of the ICC meeting are challenged by the ICC, we would like to be clarified on this issue. We would also ask them why such a thing was written in the minutes when the vice-president himself is saying such a thing was not discussed.”

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