A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Australia seriously need to rethink whether they actually need the rotation policy, says Brett Lee

Lee feels that the rotation policy is doing more harm than good for Australia’s pace bowlers

Former Australia pace bowler Brett Lee believes Cricket Australia and the national selectors have to seriously rethink their position on the rotation policy since it does not seem to making any real difference.

Lee stated that bowlers should not be rested after having one tiresome game since that in itself is just one of the many hardships of playing international cricket.

Lee also noted that the rotation policy was extremely confusing and kept bowlers looking over their shoulders if they performed poorly in one match.

“I believe, and I’m a bit old school, that you’ve got to earn your right to play for Australia,” Lee said. “You don’t want to breed a culture where you’re looking over your shoulder every time — who’s out this week? Who’s getting rested? Who’s coming in because there are four or five guys waiting to take my spot?.

“On the one hand I think it’s great that everybody’s getting an opportunity. But also, if I’m a paying member of the public, I want to see Australia’s number one side. What is that side? I don’t know, no one knows.”

The former pace bowler further mentioned that basing the rotation policy on sports science was a flaw in itself as well.

“It’s all speculation, there is no proven stats as to a certain amount of balls you can bowl,” Lee added. “People are getting rested on what if someone gets injured. I just don’t reckon you can do that, you can’t have a what if sort of policy.”

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