A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Rahul Dravid questions India’s ‘skill, ability and talent’ in Test cricket after series loss to England

Dravid feels as if India have given up on Test cricket

Former India batsman Rahul Dravid has launched a scathing attack against the national team, stating that he did not know whether they possessed the “skill, ability and talent” to play Test cricket any more, especially after being defeated at home in a four-Test series against England.

Dravid acknowledged that the huge sums of money many players made by participating in the Indian Premier League (IPL) also affected their mindset and attitude towards the longest format of the game.

“People talk about attitude and say (the players) don’t care because there is too much money in the Indian Premier League,” the BBC’s Test Match Special quoted Dravid as saying. “That’s one side of things but the main thing is their lack of skill and ability, which is more worrying for me. It raises questions as to the talent and quality of players coming through.”

Dravid also noted that the domestic circuit was not producing enough players who would have no real problems at the international level.

“One of the challenges India face is that our domestic cricket is not of the quality to allow players to seamlessly move into international cricket,” Dravid added.

Dravid, known as one of the best Test batsmen in cricketing history, stated that fans had every right to be frustrated with the national team’s performance over the past number of series.

“A lot of people are upset not just by losing but the manner of the defeats,” Dravid said. “India won three tosses and had the wicket in their favour in Mumbai and the best of the batting conditions here in Kolkata but they just haven’t been able to capitalise or put up a fight.”

The former India batsman also pointed out that all the players seem to be more interested in padding their own statistics instead of helping improve the team’s ranking across all three formats.

“England have put a mirror up to the Indian cricket team and shown them the challenges that they face,” Dravid added. “Successful teams have a group of players who come through together and peak at the same time.”

Dravid believes that ‘A’ team tours are starting to become increasingly important since they offer youngsters a small taste of what to expect at the international level.

“I think having ‘A’ tours and the academy system is becoming more and more important and I think England have been pretty good with that in the way that the academy travels every winter to different parts of the world,” Dravid said. “I think that is something India can learn from England.

“It is about recognising that the Indian team is in a bit of transition and working out how to bring through young players who have the skill, technique, temperament and desire to play Test cricket.”

Pragyan Ojha and Ravichandran Ashwin’s ineffectiveness during the latter parts of the Test series against England was a worrying sign for Dravid, especially since India heavily rely upon their spin duo.

“India have been outbowled in the spin department and that’s a worrying sign because spin has been our strength,” Dravid added.

Dravid also stated that India’s fielding was an area in desperate need of improvement and further mentioned that it cannot be used as an excuse as to why the national team failed so miserably after winning the first Test at Ahmedabad.

“India have been poor in the field and their physical fitness is disappointing me,” Dravid said. “That’s not an excuse. You can’t demand runs, but you can at least demand accountability in terms of intensity and effort.”

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