A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: English media apologise for slating Ricky Ponting during his playing days

The Daily Mail sincerely apologised for their Ratty Ponting caricature

Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting has had his share of criticisms from the media throughout his playing days, but a majority of it came from the English press, who have apologised to the Australian great and hailed him as a true pioneer of the modern game.

Former England off-spinner Vic Marks, who now writes for The Guardian, praised Ponting for choosing to end his career at the right time and give other players a chance to step up and shine.

Marks noted that Ponting was the first of three major cricketing superstars  to bid the game farewell, with India’s Sachin Tendulkar and South Africa’s Jacques Kallis not far behind as well.

Derek Pringle, who is a writer at The Telegraph, stated that Ponting was “a batsman and captain whose natural instinct was to attack, whatever the situation. He leaves the game as one of its greats and arguably its toughest competitor.”

The Daily Mail have a history of harshly criticising Ponting and the paper has called him everything from a cheater to drawing caricatures of Ratty Ponting.

The London-based paper apologised to the ex-skipper on the day of his retirement for everything they had done.

“Like all the greatest villains, we loved to hate you,” writer Mark Alford said. “Like all Australians, we’ve loved making fun of you. Above all else we loved beating you – and we’d gotten used to that.

“The sad truth is we wish more of our sportsmen and women were like you. And that’s why we must say sorry.”

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