A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Cricket Australia trash third umpire interventions during limited overs domestic games

The third umpire intervention system was not popular with many of the players and fans

Cricket Australia have decided to trash third umpire interventions during domestic limited overs matches and the Big Bash League after numerous complaints were filed by many players.

Cricket Australia operations manager Sean Cary noted that third umpires will go back to being used for normal decisions such as close run-out and checking if the ball had crossed over the boundary line before the fielder pulled it back.

Cary also stated that the decision to scrap third umpire interventions had come after heavy criticism came rolling in from six different states in the country.

The third umpire interventions system was not a big hit with the fans during the inaugural edition of the Big Bash League since it upset the rhythm of the game and ended up making the situation for both players and on-field umpires a lot more confusing.

“It’s just shocking, it’s embarrassing, it needs to worked out,” Australia Twenty20 captain Geroge Bailey said. “I think it confuses the players, I think it confuses the umpires. I think leave it in the hands of the players. You get two, if you use them with bad reviews then so be it.”

Cary had initially defended the system, stating that it had overturned 12 wrong decisions made by the on-field umpires, however after players and officials expressed their discontent towards it, the Cricket Australia operations manager had no choice but to change his outlook on it.

“We assessed the impact the system was having on the competition and we believed there were sufficient reasons to discontinue the intervention system following unanimous support from the State teams,” Cary said. “The CA Playing Conditions Committee will continue to discuss the best model for a review system that can be used in these two competitions in the future.”

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