A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Martin Crowe slams New Zealand team over constant batting failures

Crowe is hoping his advice will fire up the New Zealand batsmen

Former New Zealand captain Martin Crowe has slammed the national team for their constant failures when batting against top-ranked opposition.

Crowe advised all the batsmen in the side on what they can do to improve their game so that the team would be able to start winning their future series after drawing their recently concluded two-Test series against Sri Lanka 1-1.

“Overall, lads, we just want a bit of individual spirit and some internal fortitude over a reasonable period at the crease,” Stuff.co.nz quoted Crowe as writing in an open letter to New Zealand’s batting order published on ESPNcricinfo. “Deep down I do hope you are thinking of churning out a ton. I know there is no greater feeling as a batsman. To bat six hours in a test is better than sex.

“Look in the mirror, remind yourselves of the affirmations you will need to control the concentration required for each ball, stick your chin up, and turn to face the music with fierce focus.”

According to the 1400 word letter, Crowe called on Kane Williamson to improve his footwork and questioned why James Franklin was not playing his natural attacking game, but he also credited Daniel Flynn for his constant determination while at the crease.

“Take some rescue remedy or smell some salts, but for heaven’s sake, fire yourself up for the contest,” Crowe added.

The ex-captain also stated that the New Zealand batsmen need to “look within” and have some pride in themselves since they are representing their country.

“Mostly I just want you to decide on who and what you are and what you know, what you bring to international cricket, what you want to give for your country,” Crowe said. “From the outside, you look dispirited, disjointed and disoriented. Wrongly, you are looking outside for the answers.

“Look within, look in the mirror and ask yourself to stand up and be the men you are. Look within, be honest, strip away the rubbish and focus on what’s important and what’s really and essentially you.”

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