A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: I have been working on a new delivery Johan Botha taught me, says Nathan Lyon


Lyon believes the new unorthodox delivery can help him pick up more wickets

Australia off-spinner Nathan Lyon has revealed that he is working on perfecting a new unorthodox delivery, which he learnt from former South Africa spinner Johan Botha.

Lyon stated that the new delivery would make the ball turn from leg stump to off stump, which is completely opposite, in terms of direction, to the type of deliveries off-spinners usually bowl.

Lyon believes that if he perfects the delivery and incorporates it into his game properly, then he would have a secret weapon at his disposal, which could be used to bamboozle batsmen of all calibres and leave them scratching their heads.

“I have been working on a certain ball for quite a while,” News.com.au quoted Lyon as saying. ” The game was really starting to slow down a bit before I bowled that ball. I spoke to Ricky (Ponting) about it and he said I may as well give it a crack and it came out ok.

“It is a different variation I learnt. Johan Botha taught me last year when he was at the Big Bash. I worked on it all since then and in the pre-season so I thought it was a good chance to see if I had it.”

However, Lyon stated that he would continue to practice his usual deliveries as well and vowed not to get caught up in putting all his time and effort in perfecting the unorthodox delivery.

“It will take a long time to perfect, it is good to have something else I suppose other than my stock ball,” Lyon added. “I have to keep working hard on that ball and concentrate on my on my stock ball as well.”

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