A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Tamim Iqbal frustrated with long gaps between Test matches

Iqbal wants to see Bangladesh involved in Test series more frequently

Bangladesh opening batsman Tamim Iqbal has voiced his frustration at the massive lengths of time between each of the national team’s Test series, stating that it is the main reason why the country comes in dead last on the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Test team rankings.

Bangladesh are currently in the midst of a two-Test series against the West Indies, who are fresh off winning the ICC World Twenty20 in Sri Lanka.

Speaking exclusively to ESPNcricinfo, Iqbal said: “Our situation isn’t good, we play Tests after long gaps, we should have this mentality of adapting ourselves from one format to the other. If we had played regular Test cricket, this question about adjusting wouldn’t have come up.”

Last year, Bangladesh were involved in five Test matches, which saw them draw one and lose the other four, but this, believe it or not, is actually a slight improvement from their 2010 season, where they lost all seven Test matches they played.

Iqbal noted that he had been in outstanding form in the longer format during the 2010 season, but all that went down in flames by the first Test of 2011 since Bangladesh had not played any Test cricket for 14 months.

“Good form doesn’t last for long, so one has to make the best of it. When I was doing really well in 2010, how many Tests did I end up playing? If someone else was in my place, he would have played more and made more runs,” Iqbal said.

Iqbal also stated that he would be taking a more disciplined approach towards each one of his innings this year, but added that success eventually came down to the mental strength of a player.

“It depends on individuals. If one’s thinking pattern goes like, ‘I am playing a Test match after a year and a half’, his performance will be what he makes of it. If you think differently and decide that I should be ready mentally, I think this gives a player more chances to perform.┬áIf you make a professional cricketer play a T20 after two years of Tests, he won’t just start leaving balls outside off stump. He’s not an idiot. He has the sense to hit out. The same thing happens when you bring him back to Tests from Twenty20s,” Iqbal said.

The opening batsman further believes that Bangladesh should make the most of every Test match they play.

“What opportunities we get, we should make full use of it. This will give us more chances to play,” Iqbal added.

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