A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Imran Khan believes all match-fixers should be banned for life

Khan is disgusted by the fact that players would even think of committing such a grievous act

Legendary Pakistan captain Imran Khan has announced that any player or official found guilty of match-fixing should be banned for life.

Khan noted that he was extremely disappointed to see players resorting to illegal measures in order to make more money.

Speaking exclusively to MAIL TODAY, Khan said: “It is very shameful. ICC should ban anyone indulging in match-fixing for life. There has to be a deterrent.”

Khan also stated that he was shocked to see match-fixing even being a part of cricket since it is currently one of the richest sports in the world.

“Cricketers today make more money in one IPL (Indian Premier League) season that I made in 21 years. There was hardly any money during the time we played cricket but this never happened then,” Khan added.

The former captain further mentioned that the cricket’s reputation would continue to fall if match-fixers are not completely removed from the game.

“With all these controversies, the fan begins to question everything,” Khan said.

He added that it was infuriating to see Pakistani players at the centre of almost every match-fixing scandal that occurs in cricket.

“Every time we lose, fans think the match is fixed, in the 90s Pakistan was the best team in the world but later it couldn’t win anything because of the constant pressure on cricketers because of match-fixing allegations,” Khan said.

When asked if cricket can help improve ties between India and Pakistan, Khan said: “If politicians make the right noises and the governments begin to come closer, it has an impact and people will change. Cricketing ties help. If there is a good atmosphere, the bond becomes stronger. If the situation is not good it can become divisive and jingoistic.”

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