A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Dean Jones interested in taking up part-time gig as Pakistan batting coach

Jones is willing to work as a part-time batting coach

Former Australia batsman Dean Jones has announced that he is interested in becoming a part-time batting coach for the Pakistan national team, despite the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) searching for a full-time candidate.

Jones recently worked as the technical director for the Chittagong Kings in the inaugural edition of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) and is currently the batting coach for South Australia.

Jones stated that he was too busy to become the full-time batting coach of Pakistan.

In an exclusive interview with¬†Pakpassion.net, Jones said: “I’m willing to help the Pakistani batsmen but not on a full time basis. I’m too busy with other work at the moment as I’m currently the batting coach for South Australia and working with other players in Australia also, in addition I’m coaching in the Bangladesh Premier League and the Sri Lankan Premier League and maybe in the Indian Premier League too, so I’ve really not got the time to be working as a full time appointment.”

The former Australian batsman noted that he was a big fan of the Pakistan team and added that he would be more than happy to share some batting tips with them and work alongside the batsmen on a part-time basis.

“It’s well known that I’m very fond of some of the Pakistani cricketers and love being in the country and they are a great bunch of guys. If there is an opportunity for me to work as the batting coach on a part time basis I would look at that opportunity,¬†[but] my understanding is that the Pakistan Cricket Board is advertising for a full time appointment, but unfortunately I’ve not got the time for a full time role,” Jones said.

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