A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: PCB looking to get biomechanics lab back on track

The new biomechanics lab will examine whether bowlers have illegal actions or not

After years of neglect, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have announced that they will be improving and upgrading their biomechanical analysis at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Lahore.

The PCB have decided to modernise their biomechanics lab by installing a new modern video simulator.

The biomechanical equipment was first bought in December 2008 when Nasim Ashraf was the head of the PCB, but since then the entire lab has been unused.

The construction contract for the lab was put on hold by then chairman Ijaz Butt after the PCB admitted that they had seriously mismanaged all of their finances.

According to reports, a small section of the NCA’s outdoor practice area was to be used to build the lab, where bowler’s actions would be examined to ensure that they were within the legal limits set by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

According to Intikhab Alam, the biomechanical lab will now have 18 motion-capture cameras and 6 high-speed video cameras.

Speaking exclusively to ESPNcricinfo, Alam said: “We are very enthusiastic about technology and keen to see the biomechanics lab functioning as soon as possible, we are in no doubt about its scope and execution in research and for the development of the game and we obviously want to see the technology to be used in our players’ development. We look forward to the use of the tool that will not only help bowlers to correct their flawed actions but can also help the batsmen to enhance their performance. It can also prevent injuries and be used for rehabilitation process. I don’t know why the equipment was unattended but importantly now we have been given the go-ahead by the chairman and we have started retrieving all the documentation and updating them accordingly to kick off this landmark project.”

Alam noted that the PCB still had an agreement with Vicon Motion Systems Limited, who will set up all the equipment once the building is completed.

“We have entered the first phase of negotiation with the experts to be taken on board for making the lab functional, the key role is that of a biomechanics expert and we are already engaged with an expert who has done her PhD from Austria. We will soon reach an agreement with her and a mathematician to work the laboratory. Besides, we have all the medical doctors, well-trained analysts and coaches,” Alam added.

Once the PCB finish installing everything, they will be the only Asian-based cricket board to have a biomechanics lab.

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