A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Shane Jurgensen named interim Bangladesh coach after Richard Pybus vacates position

Pybus will have to give a detailed statement on why he decided to leave

Bangladesh bowling coach Shane Jurgensen has been named as Bangladesh’s interim head coach ahead of their series against the West Indies after Richard Pybus vacated the position.

Pybus notified the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) that he would be leaving after concerns arose about him not signing a contract.

When asked why he decided to leave, Pybus noted that he just could not deal with the differences he had with the Board over his contract, and added that he was getting very frustrated with them constantly interfering in team matters.

The BCB denied all the comments made by Pybus and have notified its head of cricket operations to get a detailed statement by November 1 on why he decided to leave.

BCB president Nazmul Hassan said: “Richard Pybus, through his agent, informed us on Monday that he will not be returning to Bangladesh, bowling coach Shane Jurgensen will take up the responsibility of the head coach for the upcoming West Indies series, but we will advertise for the newly vacant position soon.”

Speaking to ESPNcricinfo, Pybus stated that he would not be continuing as coach of the national team since he had a bad fall-out with the BCB in regards to his contract, and added that the board directors constantly kept interfering in his work with the players.

Pybus also mentioned that the board’s cricket operations department restricted him on issues relating to the players’ diets, availability of a game-analysis system and the training programme ahead of the team’s series against the West Indies.

Hassan explained that head of cricket operations Enayet Hossain Siraj will prepare a clarification document that is set to be presented to the entire board on November 1.

“I have seen the Cricinfo interview where he has accused us of many things. We have given Enayet Hossain Siraj the responsibility to prepare a response by November 1. We will address all the allegations he’s made. He mentioned a few particular things like bringing meat from Australia. Such things can’t be done overnight. We also have to consider whether our players will become fit after having such food for 7-10 days and having a different diet for the rest of the year. We want more in-depth information, what his complaints were,” Hassan said.

In response to Pybus’ accusation of board directors interfering in his work, BCB media committee chairman Jalal Yunus stated that the former coach had total control over the entire team.

“We don’t agree [with his accusations of interference], he had 100% control and we always lent him a hand in support. We just wanted him to come to the country and complete the West Indies series, we preferred one-on-one negotiation in person rather than through e-mails. We have no grievances against him, but what he had asked for to be in charge of the West Indies series, we couldn’t agree on principle,” Yunus said.

Hassan noted that this was a learning experience for the BCB, and also mentioned that Jurgensen would be fully briefed on what will be expected of him.

“From what I have heard, Pybus was one of the best coaches we have had so far, maybe we were too happy about that. But without a written contract, we will face similar problems in the future. I am assuring you such things will not happen. We want a full-time coach, not someone who would be with us only during matches and leave whenever there’s a break in play. Whoever we hire next, will have to be informed of all this in writing,” Hassan added.

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