A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Michael Vaughan advises ‘immature’ England to ‘grow up’ and focus on defeating India

Vaughan believes England can only win if they start getting into a serious frame of mind

Former England captain Michael Vaughan has advised the national team to stop acting “immature” and start focusing on defeating India in the upcoming Test series.

Vaughan noted that with Kevin Pietersen back in the lineup, England will have a better chance of defeating India in front of their home crowd since he is such a quality batsman.

The Daily Mirror quoted Vaughan as saying: “There has just got to be a bit of maturity from all concerned. I think this year we’ve seen a bit of immaturity around the team, there have been things done and said which shouldn’t have been, and there has not been much talk about the enjoyable side of playing cricket. I’m sure all the players will have got home and realised that all the mess that has been created this summer was stuff that shouldn’t have happened.”

Vaughan believes it is time for the entire squad to “grow up” and start making their country proud once again after losing the number one Test team ranking to South Africa over the summer.

“And they will look at themselves in the mirror and say ‘Come on, let’s just grow up. Let’s grow up and get on with it. Look at Roy Keane and Man United. He didn’t socialise with many of his team-mates. Look at Tevez at City now – he’s come back into the ranks and is getting on with it, it can happen, it will happen and I’m sure England will be playing OK again very soon,” Vaughan added.

Vaughan also mentioned that England should have no excuse for failing to play the Indian spinners now that they have Pietersen back in the squad.

“The spin factor will be the challenge for England and how they play it. In India you have to bat long and so far with this England side they’ve not managed to bat for four or five hours… let alone eight or nine. It is not a tour that they can come back from on December 18 and say ‘We’ve struggled against spin again’. They have to play spin well because there are no excuses any more,” Vaughan said.

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