A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Mushfiqur Rahim and Saqlain Sajib injured in on-field collision

Rahim and Sajib are both still recovering from their injuries

Bangladesh’s Mushfiqur Rahim and Saqlain Sajib were both injured and taken to hospital after an on-field collision on the opening day of the Rajshahi Division’s National Cricket League match against Dhaka Division in Mirpur.

Sajib seemed to be suffer the brunt of the impact, showing signs of disorientation as he was helped off the field.

Rahim meanwhile, was taken to hospital for a precautionary MRI scan, and was seen walking about in the dressing room a few hours later.

The incident occurred after Dhaka’s number 11 batsman, Mohammad Shahid, top-edged a delivery towards the fine-leg boundary where Rahim and Sajib both collided into each other after attempting to take the catch.

Speaking exclusively to ESPNcricinfo, the Bangladesh Cricket Board’s (BCB) chief medical officer Dr Debashish Roy said: “The collision took place at around 1.30pm. They were given first aid but Saqlain was disoriented, he had memory loss. Mushfiqur was struck on the side of his face but he looked in better condition, Saqlain had to be taken to the hospital immediately for a CT scan. Mushfiqur was in my room for a while before we took him for an MRI. He has responded better and as far as I am concerned, he will recover quickly. But still, we didn’t want him in the field.”

Farhad Hossain, who was the close by when the collision occurred, stated that Sajib took a nasty blow to the left-side of his face, while Rahim’s nose started to bleed immediately.

“Saqlain looked in bad shape. He couldn’t recognise anyone, but hopefully he’ll recover quickly,” Hossain said.

Before the collision happened, Sajib, who is a left-arm spinner, took four wickets in the first innings of the match to dismiss Dhaka for just 116, while Rahim did not bat for Rajshahi in the second innings.

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