A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: New Zealand touring lifestyle responsible for my cancer, says Martin Crowe

Crowe’s spirits still remain high despite his diagnosis

After being diagnosed with grade two follicular lymphoma, former New Zealand captain Martin Crowe has announced that he believes it was the touring lifestyle he went through when playing for his country that led to his condition.

Lymphoma is a cancer that attacks the immune system, and Crowe added that his immune system may have been weakened after he suffered numerous illnesses while on tour, like in 1984 when he got salmonella poisoning in Sri Lanka.

Crowe released a statement which said: “It is very treatable. It is not aggressive, treatment will be decided in due course after further tests and consultation in the next two weeks. In the past, on travels during my cricket career, suffering salmonella and glandular fever has compromised me. The result of a weakened immune system over the last two decades is basically why I have become exposed to this sort of disease.”

However, Crowe stated that he would not let the diagnosis dampen his spirits and thanked all his well-wishers for their support.

Crowe added that the cancer had started to affect the lymph nodes in his neck, armpits and stomach.

“I am overwhelmed by the support and concern by so many around the world and wish to say a massive thanks… it has enabled me to come to terms with the shock from my recent lymphoma diagnosis faster, my mindset and fierce focus has kicked in just like it did when approaching a long innings in a Test match. I will focus on the important things in front of me, and nothing else,” Crowe added.

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