A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Dean Jones denies having heated dispute with Tamim Iqbal

Jones denied most of the accusations put forth by Iqbal

After Bangladesh opening batsman Tamim Iqbal revealed that he and Dean Jones were involved in a heated dispute during the inaugural edition of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), Jones was quick to deny the claims.

Jones, had been working as the technical director of the Chittagong Kings, and was accused of telling Iqbal to get out of the nets, while also using abusive language before a match Iqbal did not end up playing.

Speaking during an interview with Prothom Alo, Iqbal said: “Dean Jones told me to just do some walking with the physio, who after testing me said I can bat in the nets. I asked him to tell Dean Jones what he thought and the physio said he told Jones, but as soon as I played two balls in the nets, Jones started shouting at me, ‘get out, get out’. I protested to him that he can’t treat a national cricketer in this manner. The owner told me to apologise to Jones. After I went to his hotel room, he was very rude and at one point told me, ‘you are servants, I am your boss’. I was shocked, but I didn’t tell anyone at the time.”

Jones admitted that he did tell Iqbal to leave the nets, but stated that at no point did he ever use abusive language or receive an apology from Iqbal.

Speaking exclusively to ESPNcricinfo, Jones said: “I have never used such terminology and neither did Tamim apologise, before I had arrived in Bangladesh, Samir [Quader] Chowdhury told me that I was the coach, but after I arrived I was told that I was the technical director. Still, Tamim informed me of his condition and it was made known to Chittagong’s physio as well as that of the Bangladesh team. But when I saw him batting at the nets, I told him that an injured batsman shouldn’t be batting in the nets. He didn’t want to give a fitness test either.”

Iqbal further noted that he had also been verbally abused by Jones as he was warming up for a match against Rajshahi, and that coach Khaled Mahmud had intervened before things got out of hand.

“A day before the Rajshahi game he asked me if I would bat at three. I told him that I have never batted at that position but I will still play there. Later, Sujon bhai [Khaled Mahmud] told me I will open the innings, I was warming up before the game when Jones started abusing me and kept repeating that I had complained to the team owner that I won’t bat at three. I said I didn’t tell him anything. Sujon bhai came running towards us and said the same. He told Jones that he took the decisions as the head coach. I wasn’t in a position to play after what Jones did. I told them I won’t play, but it was announced that I got sick suddenly,” Iqbal said.

Mahmud stated that the franchise were never going to drop a healthy Iqbal, but noted that Iqbal had decided not to play after his argument with Jones.

“Tamim and Jones had the fight before the Rajshahi game and it was Tamim who decided he wouldn’t play that day. Chittagong Kings always wanted him to play whenever fit,” Mahmud said.

Jones mentioned that Iqbal was not willing to bat at number three, and that he had to leave the team after six matches due to other arrangements, and added that it had nothing to do with the arguments he had been involved in.

“He got upset when we asked him to bat at No. 3 because he usually opens the innings. But the management had to be equal to everyone. I have nothing against Tamim, he’s a wonderful cricketer and a precocious talent and I have no bones to pick with him.  had to leave for Delhi after six matches on an engagement on behalf of the government of Victoria. The Chittagong Kings knew I was only available till that time,” Jones said.

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