A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Zaka Ashraf responsible for all good and bad decisions made by PCB, says Khalid Mahmood

Mahmood believes Ashraf has to start taking responsibility for all decisions made by the board

Former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Khalid Mahmood has announced that all good and bad decisions made by the board falls on the shoulders of current head Zaka Ashraf.

Mahmood made these comments after Ashraf stated that he is not involved in any decisions about team management matters and other committees.

The Express Tribune quoted Mahmood as saying: “Being the head of the PCB, Zaka Ashraf is fully responsible for what is happening in Pakistan cricket. He cannot absolve himself of what is happening in the board.”

Recently, Twenty20 captain Mohammad Hafeez had announced that all-rounder Abdul Razzaq had been dropped for the semi-final of the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Twenty20 against Sri Lanka at the orders of Ashraf.

“These decisions are taken and recommended to him by his ‘handpicked’ committees. So he should also take the responsibility for the good and bad. Being the head of an institution it is always the head of the department who should take responsibility for all the acts whether good or bad,” Mahmood added.

Mahmood stepped down as chairman of the PCB in 1999, after Pakistan had suffered an embarrassing defeat in the World Cup finals at the hands of Australia.

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