A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Pat Cummins is like an angry James Anderson when he bowls, says Michael Lumb

Cummins has rapidly become one of Australia’s most talented pace bowlers

England batsman Michael Lumb has described Australian pace bowler Pat Cummins as an angry James Anderson whenever he runs in to bowl.

Lumb noted that Cummins possessed a lot of the qualities of a younger Anderson.

“[We] used to call Jimmy ‘Angry’ Anderson, he used to run in and smash the middle wicket out, [they’re] very similar pace-wise at the wicket, very similar at that age. He’s not so much angry now, he’s more skillful, but when he was young and raw he used to smash [it in] around the face, and it wasn’t too pleasant,” Lumb said.

Anderson struggled as a pace bowler when he was first picked for England, but in recent years, his shoddy bowling has transformed into dangerous yorkers and swinging deliveries that to this day continue to bamboozle batsmen of all calibres.

In the past two Ashes series, Anderson has played a crucial role in ensuring it came back to England shores.

Besides Cummins, Lumb added that Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood were the other two Australian bowlers to look out for.

“[It was a] bit spicy this morning, boys with new ball steaming in, they’re in good form and swinging it around. They’re world class. Pat’s probably the quickest going around at the minute, Starcy is in good form and Josh is a fast bowler coming through,” Lumb said.

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