A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Umpires named in match-fixing sting operation suspended

The ICC stated that it would fully support the action the respective cricket boards decided to take

The International Cricket Council (ICC), along with the respective cricket boards of Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh, have suspended the six umpires named in a sting operation by India TV, which revealed that they were willing to accept money in return for making decisions favouring certain players.

The umpires, Nadir Shah (Bangladesh), Nadeem Ghauri and Anis Siddiqui (Pakistan), and Sagara Gallage, Maurice Winston Zilwa and Gamini Dissanayake (Sri Lanka) have all denied the accusations that they were involved in match-fixing.

In response to the situation, the ICC stated that the umpires had not signed contracts with them, and added that it was up to the respective cricket boards to decide what action to take.

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have already begun investigating the claims, while the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) announced that they would be a setting up an inquiry committee to oversee the matter.

The ICC have already asked India TV to hand over all their tapes proving that the umpires had agreed to match-fix so that the anti-corruption unit and respective cricket boards can understand what extremities the umpires were willing to go to.

The sting operation took place between July and August, and involved a reporter going undercover as a representative of a sports management company that promised to land the umpires officiating assignments in many of the world’s biggest domestic Twenty20 tournaments.

A lot of the information the undercover reporter obtained was through interviews and conversations via Skype.

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