A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Mustafa Kamal determined to end corruption in cricket

Kamal has vowed to get to the bottom of this latest controversy

Newly elected International Cricket Council (ICC) vice-president Mustafa Kamal has announced that he is determined to put an end to corruption in cricket.

Recently, India TV launched a sting operation which revealed how some umpires were willing to give an unfair advantage to players for a certain amount of money.

Responding to the controversy, Kamal declared that everything would be exposed sooner or later.

Speaking exclusively to the Mail Today, Kamal said: “The ICC maintains a zero-tolerance policy against corruption and now, with startling revelations about umpires too being involved in fixing, the noose has to be tightened further to ensure there is no scope to even think about crossing the line of fair play. The ACSU (Anti- Corruption and Security Unit) of the ICC has been doing its best to ensure that fixing is wiped out from the system and every person involved with the game has been given strict instructions about what amounts to dishonesty and bringing the game to disrepute. I will personally join hands with them to ensure a corruption-free game.”

Kamal also noted that the trust between the ICC and umpires would be severely hindered if these accusations turned out to be true.

“Players are sometimes lured because they are young and wish to live a flamboyant life way beyond their means. But if umpires too go that way, the situation worsens further. If the guardians of the game themselves falter, it sets a very negative example for the others. But first we need to investigate and see if they are guilty,” he added.

When asked about his appointment as ICC vice-president, Kamal stated that he was doing the job to make sure the sport remained free from controversies and also for the people of Bangladesh.

“I am overwhelmed at being considered fit to hold such an important position. I feel this is not only an honour for me, but also Bangladesh cricket and the people of our country. It shows that we are taken just as seriously as the other top nations playing the game. I wish to bring repute to the nation through this appointment,” he said.

Kamal added that the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) were also working on scheduling a tour of India sometime next year since they have never played there.

“The BCB is in talks with its Indian counterpart to ensure that Bangladesh plays in India next year. We feel that Bangladesh has come to a level where they can provide enough of a fight to tough opponents like India. When Bangladesh held its maiden Test in Dhaka against India, it was more a case of making the game more popular in our country and also to earn revenue. But now it’s strictly a cricketing decision and we are looking to finalise things on Wednesday,” Kamal said.

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