A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Andrew Strauss believes Kevin Pietersen can lead England to victory in India

Strauss believes Pietersen can be a huge asset for England

Former England Test captain Andrew Strauss has thrown his support behind batsman Kevin Pietersen, stating that he has all the necessary qualifications to lead England to victory in India when the two nations square off against each other in a four-Test series later this month.

Despite having personal problems with Pietersen this summer, Strauss explained that he was surprised to see Pietersen back in the England fold so rapidly and that the rest of the team had to forgive him and move on.

The Telegraph quoted Strauss as saying: “I didn’t think it was going to happen this quickly. I don’t know how the meetings have been going with the ECB and Andy (Flower, the England coach), but they obviously feel that they’ve been given assurances, once he’s back in the side it’s very important that people move on. It’s obviously been a difficult situation for everyone really. If Andy and Cooky (Alastair Cook) and the ECB think the time is right now then obviously we all need to get behind them.”

Strauss also noted that Pietersen had the capability of single-handedly being able to turn the momentum in a Test match, and that England should use this to their advantage.

“We all know what Kevin is capable of. He can show that in India and help them win some Test matches,” Strauss added.

Even though Pietersen has signed a four-month central contract, Strauss believes the South African-born batsman still has a long way to go before relations between him and the rest of the team go back to normal.

“I think a lot of what should happen now is that people have to sit down and be honest with each other, saying how they felt and getting it out of their systems and then clearing the way to move forward, that’s a big part of it. But also, it’s about commitment to England and the principles and standards by which the team operates. That’s an important part of it and hopefully those issues have been addressed now,” Strauss said.

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