A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Mike Hesson slams ICC over Super Over rule

New Zealand feel as if they were cheated out of victory

New Zealand coach Mike Hesson has lashed out at the International Cricket Council (ICC) for the use of Super Overs to decide the verdict of tied matches in non-knockout games.

During the ICC World Twenty20, New Zealand fell victim to two Super Over defeats, the first coming against Sri Lanka and the second against the West Indies.

“I can’t work out why, in a non-elimination game, you have to have a Super Over. I’ve never worked that out, we lost a couple of key moments. You know, we were two runs away from being top of the pool and being top qualifier, so there’s a level of satisfaction there but I think every team that leaves the World Cup without the trophy’s disappointed and we’re no different,” Hesson said.

Hesson also criticised the ICC for not taking enough action on England pace bowler Steven Finn’s constant knocking down of the stumps at the non-strikers end.

Finn knocked down the stumps three times in their match against New Zealand, and after each ball had been signalled as a dead ball by the umpires, the Black Caps started to get extremely frustrated since the first ball had been a wide down the leg side, the second had been a single and the third was smashed to the boundary by all-rounder James Franklin.

With the umpire signalling the deliveries as dead balls, New Zealand failed to get any of the runs they scored off those deliveries and Finn walked away without even receiving a warning.

“I have also never worked out how you can kick the stumps over and get a benefit. If that doesn’t change they [the ICC] have got rocks in their head, I’m not sure how they came to that conclusion. Basically we [all coaches and captains] came to a meeting pre-tournament and they told us what was happening. There wasn’t a discussion. I don’t blame Steven Finn but they’ve made one rule for one person. He also did it once [for a warning] but not twice against Sri Lanka. It would have been interesting to see the response if they had hit a boundary,” Hesson said.

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