A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Muttiah Muralitharan believes Australian spinners need to have more variations

Muralitharan wants to see more variation from the Australian spin bowlers

Sri Lanka spin legend Muttiah Muralitharan has announced that Australia’s perfectionist coaching style, where they do not allow spinners to attempt bowling different variations, has serious dented their spin department, especially after the retirement of Shane Warne in 2007.

Muralitharan also noted that Australia’s style of coaching is the prime reason why they have not produced a single world class spinner in the last five years.

He added that Australian coaches had to encourage their spinners to try new variations instead of sticking to the basic orthodox spin deliveries.

A prime example of Muralitharan’s accusations is Nathan Lyon, who has dismissed the idea of trying to bowl some mystery deliveries since he had a lot of early success with simple flight and natural variation.

However, Muralitharan also feels that the Australian coaches are restricting the creativity that many of the young bowlers come into the side with.

The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Muralitharan as saying: “It’s the coaching system, because maybe, sometimes, they want everything perfect, coaching is so high quality in Australia that they don’t see unorthodox spin, they don’t encourage when they are young, the proper system is there and according to that they will coach. If they are unorthodox when they are young the coach will try to change his action. In Sri Lanka and other parts of the world the people do what they wish.”

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