Carberry is simply known to be one of the best batting talents in the county circuit currently

Having been one of the most successful opening first-class batsman in the past couple of years, Michael Carberry, currently 32-years-old, is looking to make a name for himself in international cricket again.

The Hampshire batsman played one Test match for England in 2010 against Bangladesh, where he made a combined total of 64 runs in both innings of the game, Carberry is hungry to get back into the England squad and prove that he is the opening batsman they are looking for after the shock retirement of former captain Andrew Strauss in August.

Carberry has scored 9197 first-class runs at an outstanding average of 43.17, and to make things even more special, he has also claimed 14 wickets throughout his first-class career.

I had the privilege of interviewing Hampshire’s opening batsman, who came so close to being in the England squad for the upcoming tour of India, and he spoke about how he is ready for his second coming.

Bimal Mirwani: What was it like to play your first Test match for England in 2010 against Bangladesh?

Michael Carberry: One of best moments of my career it’s what I worked towards.

Carberry was extremely proud of the day he represented England in international cricket

Bimal Mirwani: What has been the greatest moment of your first-class career and why?

Michael Carberry: Coming back from serious illness last year.

Bimal Mirwani: How did it feel when Joe Root and Nick Compton got an England call-up ahead of you for the India series?

Michael Carberry: Obviously disappointed not to be picked for India.

Bimal Mirwani: How did it feel to win the Clydesdale Bank 40 (CB40) tournament against Warwickshire?

Michael Carberry: Was great win against very good warks team. Great final to watch and play in.

Winning the CB40 final was one of Carberry’s greatest moments in his first-class career

Bimal Mirwani: Which first-class players have the chance of making the England squad in the future and why?

Michael Carberry: James Taylor is one that stands out very good record in all formats.

Bimal Mirwani: What are you doing in order to try and get back into the England squad for future series?

Michael Carberry:  I guess it will be same process I’ve always used which is weight of runs.

Bimal Mirwani: As an opening batsman, who is the bowler you hate facing the most and why?

Michael Carberry: Facing any bowler is a challenge and I like challenging myself always.

Bimal Mirwani: Do you think England are making a mistake by leaving Kevin Pietersen out of the squad for the India series?

Michael Carberry: Hard to comment on KP situation without knowing the facts.

Bimal Mirwani: Will you ever consider going to India and playing in the Indian Premier League (IPL)?

Michael Carberry: Yes I would love to play in the IPL, any takers?

Bimal Mirwani: Which ground in England is your favourite to play at and why?

Michael Carberry: Next to my home ground I would say Edgbaston.

Carberry loves playing at the Edgbaston cricket ground

Bimal Mirwani: Do you think county matches should be changed from four days to five days like an international Test match?

Michael Carberry: Er wouldn’t be a bad idea but would have to play less games.

Carberry would not mind seeing county games changed from four days to five

Bimal Mirwani: How did you respond when news of Tom Maynard’s tragic death emerged?

Michael Carberry: Very sad news he was a lovely young guy at start of blossoming career.

Bimal Mirwani: What would be your top tip for any opening batsman?

Michael Carberry: Watch the ball is my top tip.

Bimal Mirwani: What is your aim when coming out to open the batting compared to when the game is starting to come down to the wire?

Michael Carberry: Well depends on format? For four day cricket it’s about batting as much time as possible. One day it’s about getting team off to flyers. If the games are close then like any batsmen it’s about trying to see it home to the end.

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