A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Jos Buttler keen to make early impact on England career

Buttler is eager to make a name for himself in all formats of the game

England batsman Jos Buttler has announced that he has been using the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Twenty20 in Sri Lanka to make an early impact on his international career.

The 22-year-old Somerset batsman has been regarded as a huge talent for the past couple of months, and Buttler believes it is time he lives up to the hype created about him being included in the England squad.

In his first couple of matches playing for England against South Africa, Buttler looked to get himself settled at the crease, but after failing to get anywhere with that mindset, the Somerset batsman decided to take a more attacking approach which paid off as he scored 32 runs from just 10 balls in the final Twenty20 against the South Africans.

Buttler has been attacking the bowling from ball one throughout the ICC World Twenty20, and stated that he feels more comfortable at the crease now.

“I went out with a bit of a different approach, I think the situation dictated how to play and I’m really pleased to finally contribute to an England win, international cricket hasn’t quite gone as I’d have hoped but days like that are really pleasing and give me a lot of confidence,” Buttler said.

Buttler also believes that he must start producing innings for England like he did when playing county cricket for Somerset.

“It was an innings I was desperate to play in an England shirt. I could take confidence from what I’ve done for Somerset but to do it on the international stage is a really proud moment. It’s nice to repay the faith that people have shown in you but tomorrow is another day and I’ve got to get back to working hard so I keep asking questions of the captain and coach,” Buttler added.

Speaking about his favourite ‘ramp’ shot, Buttler stated that his failure to play the shot properly in the United Arab Emirates against Pakistan gave him the urge to perfect it.

“Obviously it didn’t work out against Pakistan in the UAE and I got out twice playing it, but it’s a huge part of my game so I keep trying it and it came off, I had a bit of a confidence knock getting out to it in Dubai. But I had a couple of nice texts off (Somerset captain) Marcus Trescothick just saying ‘enjoy yourself’ and that’s what I did. I think in Twenty20 that shot has become the norm when you see fine-leg up. I always know I have an option. Guys improvise a lot these days and try to second guess the bowlers so I’m glad I can do that and have it in my armoury. The way I play it I think I can do it to a full ball, a wide ball or a back-of-a-length ball. I’m really comfortable with the shot,” Buttler said.

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