Jones continuously bamboozled batsmen throughout his career

Known to be England’s ‘king’ of reverse swing, Simon Jones will best be remembered for striking fear in the hearts of the Australian batsmen during the 2005 Ashes series, where England successfully regained the urn after 18 years.

Many batsmen believed that Jones was a very deceptive bowler since he had mastered the art of reverse swing, but unfortunately just as Jones was reaching the peak of his international career, he fell victim to a number of horrifying injuries, which forced him to retire.

Having only played 18 Tests and eight ODIs for England, Jones was able to take 59 wickets in the longer format at an avergae of 28.23 and only seven in the limited overs format at an average of 39.28.

However, Jones has had a lot of success in county cricket, taking 267 wickets at an average of 30.49, with his best bowling figures being six wickets for 45 runs.

After bouncing back from his injuries, Jones returned to playing county cricket is now playing for Glamorgan.

I had the privilege of interviewing England’s masterful bowler and he had some rather interesting answers to offer.

Bimal Mirwani: You are considered to be England’s ‘reverse swing king’, what is your secret behind reverse swing bowling?

Simon Jones: Give the ball enough time to swing, don’t get too greedy and too straight.

Bimal Mirwani: How satisfying was it to win the 2005 Ashes series, in which you played a monumental role?

Simon Jones: Massive, we’d worked hard in the four previous series and won well, but to beat the best team in the world was special.

Jones is all smiles after England successfully regain the Ashes in 2005

Bimal Mirwani: How disappointing was it to see your international career ended by a series of devastating injuries?

Simon Jones: Very tough, but what can you do, what’s meant to be will be, I could’ve played 70 odd tests instead of 18, but I am still happy.

Jones felt absolutely devastated after having to end his international career due to numerous injuries

Bimal Mirwani: Once you retire from county cricket, what are your plans for the future?

Simon Jones: Coaching, media, or something completely different, who knows.

Bimal Mirwani: Who, according to you, is the best reverse swing bowler in the current England squad?

Simon Jones: (Jade) Dernbach is great at the death, he could be a serious reverse swing bowler.

Bimal Mirwani: Having played a lot of county cricket, which players have the potential of having a long and successful career with England?

Simon Jones: Batters- (James) Vince, (Joe) Root, Moeen Ali. Bowlers- (Stuart) Meaker, (Jade) Dernbach.

Bimal Mirwani: What was the greatest moment during your international career and why?

Simon Jones: Ashes 2005, just the fact we beat the best team that’s ever been.

Bimal Mirwani: During your international career, which ground was your favourite to play at and why?

Simon Jones: Lords, unbelievable historic value plus amazing atmosphere and I made my debut there.

Lord’s will always have a special place in Jones’ heart

Bimal Mirwani: During your international career, which batsman did you least like bowling to and why?

Simon Jones: Found (AB) de villiers hard work, Chris cairns, (Brian) Lara, (Adam) Gilchrist.

Bimal Mirwani: Do you think Kevin Pietersen deserves to be in the England squad after everything he has done this summer?

Simon Jones: There’s always two sides to a story, the truth will come out one day.

Bimal Mirwani: Do you think Alastair Cook has the potential to be as successful of a captain as Andrew Strauss and why?

Simon Jones: He has a good team around him, so I don’t see why he can’t.

Bimal Mirwani: What, in your opinion, does the England squad have to do in order to defend their World Twenty20 title?

Simon Jones: Just play with confidence and freedom.

Bimal Mirwani: Do you think Test cricket is becoming a thing of the past with the growing number of domestic Twenty20 tournaments?

Simon Jones: I hope not, I think it will always be the major part of the game. Its true cricket.

Bimal Mirwani: Do you agree with the use of the DRS in international cricket and why or why not?

Simon Jones: I agree, but if your going to use something use it universally!

Jones believes the DRS will play a pivotal role in the future of the sport

Bimal Mirwani: Do you agree with the view that a window should be created for the Indian Premier League (IPL)?

Simon Jones: Not really. The IPL should not dictate to the rest of the worlds international schedule.

Bimal Mirwani: What is your view on the growing number of Test series with only two Test matches?

Simon Jones: Three minimum, five Test series for bigger nations.

Bimal Mirwani: How successful do you think Andrew Strauss was as England captain and why?

Simon Jones: Very successful great career, great guy, and I wish him all the best.

Jones applauded the work Strauss put in for England and believes he was one of the best captains the country had

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