A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: ‘Fragile’ Australian pace bowlers need to be tested, says Michael Clarke

Clarke believes the Australian team needs a lot of training before their hectic schedule begins

Australia captain Michael Clarke has declared that he wants to see a transformation occur amongst the ‘fragile’ pace bowlers if the national team are to have any real chance of defeating South Africa when they visit for a Test series later in the year.

Australia have a hectic schedule ahead of them, with South Africa and Sri Lanka coming down under, before the team head off to India and finally end their season with a back-to-back Ashes series against England, the first of which will be played there and the second being played back home.

With some big series coming up, Clarke wants to make sure the pace bowlers get a lot of practice before the start of the South Africa series.

“It’ll be as fast as you’ll face in world cricket in those conditions. Fast and bouncy. But I look at it the other way as well. With the young bowling attack that’s got plenty of pace, I think it’s really exciting for the Australian boys as well,” Clarke said.

However, Australia’s fast bowling stocks are very limited since many of the mainstream bowlers have succumbed to injuries.

“You’d love everyone to be fit all day every day but that’s the way the game goes when you’re playing a lot of cricket, you’re doing a lot of hard work. Guy’s are going to get injured; especially when you’re young and you’re body is not accustomed to the amount of bowling you need to do to play at the highest level,” Clarke added.

Clarke also noted that it was extremely important for the bowlers to be monitored at all times and be given adequate practice as well.

“We need to keep making sure we’re monitoring the guy’s workloads, but also getting enough cricket into them as well. We’ve got to push ourselves, it’s as simple as that, and when you’re doing that at the highest-level guys are going to break,” Clarke said.

However, Clarke does not agree with the speculations that Australia’s pace bowling stocks are dwindling, and said: “But then we’re pretty lucky. We’ve got a good amount of quicks in the Australian squad who’ve got plenty of talent. Now we’ve got to turn that talent into performance and the only way to do that is get them on the field.”

Clarke mentioned that he intended to keep the same bowling attack that whitewashed India 4-0 earlier this year.

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