A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Cricket Australia admits putting ODIs before Test cricket

Cricket Australia is finding it extremely difficult to maintain high standards in both ODIs and Test cricket

Cricket Australia has admitted to the claims that they have been putting more resources into regaining their supremacy in ODIs, rather than focusing on their Test cricket campaign.

The acceptance of these claims comes after captain Michael Clarke denied the allegations that Australia were putting more effort into ODIs than Test cricket.

With Australia losing their last ODI series against England 4-0, which saw them fall to second on the International Cricket Council (ICC) rankings, many cricket pundits are eagerly awaiting to see if they will bounce back against Pakistan when the two nations meet in the United Arab Emirates for an ODI and Twenty20 series later this month.

Cricket Australia’s performance chief Pat Howard has revealed that the cricket board are finding it difficult to maintain a balance between building a top Test team, while keeping ODI standards high as the same time.

“There is a possibility, and there is a fine balance, that to try and deal with Test improvement there’s been a balance between ODI success and trying to develop players. Obviously that tour wasn’t acceptable and we’ve got to improve a lot in the next 12 months, we wanted people to develop and grow, and that takes time. There has been a methodology that the best players are the best players, and we’d get them in and expose them at different levels. We don’t make any excuses for our performances in England.¬†We’re not going to throw out that it was a development tour. Four-nil wasn’t good enough,” Howard said.

Howard also mentioned that it was key that Cricket Australia did everything in their power to take care of injured players and get them back on the pitch as fast as possible.

“Our big concern is making sure guys are ready to play long-form cricket because that’s the one you worry about, with the big stresses. We don’t want people to stop playing but it’s part of that process of building up endurance over time,” Howard added.

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