A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Bowling to Virender Sehwag scared me, says Iain O’Brien

O’Brien could never really master Sehwag’s unorthodox batting style

Former New Zealand pace bowler Iain O’Brien, who represented his country in 22 Test matches between 2005 and 2009, has admitted that bowling to flamboyant Indian opening batsman Virender Sehwag always scared him.

O’Brien also revealed that he never wanted to bowl to Sehwag since he destroyed him every time.

PakPassion.net, quoted O’Brien as saying: “Sehwag was the one I never wanted to bowl to. He is one of the batsmen that you want to bowl to but, you know, it’s difficult. You think to yourself that it would be great to have his wicket under my name but I don’t want to bowl to him right now!”

“Sehwag is the kind of guy that I still watch on Television and it makes me feel horrible! You know the feeling that you walk into an exam knowing that you aren’t completely prepared for it – that’s the kind of feeling I got when I bowled to Sehwag,” he added.

However, O’Brien stated that he had bowled as well as he could against Sehwag, even though it did not really affect the Indian opening batsman.

“I did my best and I had some success against him but he probably had more success against me! So he scared me, which made me bowl bad balls. In a sense, he dictated to me where I could bowl to him,” O’Brien said.

The former New Zealand fast bowler further added that Sehwag’s demolition of his bowling always caused his line and length to go all over the place.

“I couldn’t focus or get my mind right. That was an interesting discovery as he made me bowl poorly instead of me bowling bad balls on my own. He was a tough one,” O’Brien said.

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