May has recommended that cricketers should never play in the BPL again

The Federation of International Cricketers’ Association (FICA) has announced that they will be joining cricketers in their legal action case against the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL).

The BPL’s inaugural Twenty20 tournament took place in February and lured in a host of international players, but at least 12 cricketers have not been paid their full wages, which, according to FICA, has amounted to over US$600,000.

Furthermore, many of the Bangladesh players have received less than 60 per cent of their full wages owed, with only eight players being paid their full amount.

FICA chief executive Tim May stated that he was tired of empty promises from the BPL and the Bangladesh Cricket Board’s (BCB) president Mustafa Kamal.

May called the assurances from the BCB and BPL as “broken promises and empty public pronouncements”.

Through a statement released, May said: “It is obvious that the BPL franchises and the BCB are either unable or unwilling to meet these financial obligations, FICA is left with no choice but to support the unpaid players in legal action against the franchises and BCB in Bangladesh.”

May also mentioned that the BCB and BPL’s trustworthy nature has been severely damaged by this incident.

“The process of the payment of players has deteriorated into a joke and the unprofessionalism of its handling is massively short of that required standard of an ICC full member country,” May added.

May further noted that FICA, which was set up in 1998 to protect the interests of international cricketers, has advised its members not to play in the tournament ever again.

It goes without saying that FICA will be strongly recommending to all players, both in and outside Bangladesh, that they should not contemplate participating in this tournament in the coming years, they (BPL and BCB) have no one to blame but themselves,” May said.

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