A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Kapil Dev believes Tendulkar’s records will be broken one day

Dev thinks that all records will be broken at some point in time

Former Indian captain Kapil Dev has announced that he has all the respect in the world for batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar, but also noted that his records will be broken one day.

Dev relives how he thought nobody would be able to beat the records set by former Indian batting great Sunil Gavaskar.

“When we were playing we used to think that whether the future will see any greater batsman than Sunil Gavaskar. But we were wrong. There have been greater players than Gavaskar. Because the game of cricket is bigger than any player,” Dev said.

“Sachin has played brilliantly throughout the career and has accumulated huge records but his records will also be broken one day because this is cricket,” he added.

Dev also mentioned that during the end of his cricketing career, there was a lot of hype about two new incoming players, the first being Tendulkar, and the second being Vinod Kambli.

“During the end of my cricket career there was a lot of hype regarding two young talents: one was Sachin Tendulkar and the other one was Vinod Kambli.┬áBoth of them were very talented. But now look where Sachin has reached. Kambli couldn’t make it big because of his lack of discipline,” Dev said.

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