A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Will the BCCI ever accept using the DRS in their series?

The ICC believe that the DRS can bring equality and fairness to the sport

The International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Chief Executives Committee (CEC) is once again trying to make the Decsion Review System (DRS) a mandatory part of all series in international cricket.

All nations seem to be on board with the plan except the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), who have a long history of being against the use of technology in cricket.

A statement that was released by the ICC said: “The BCCI continues to believe that the system is not foolproof, it also sticks to its view that the decision on whether or not to use the DRS for a particular series should be left to the boards involved in that series.”

The ICC made Hot Spot cameras mandatory after the 2011 ICC conference in June, but were forced to make it optional in October that year.

However, the ICC now want to add the Hot Spot cameras into the mandatory requirements for the DRS.

According to the ICC, the application of the DRS will be “subject to the Members’ ability to finance and obtain the required technology.”

The CEC, have stated that with they are fully in favour of adding the Hot Spot ball tracker into the requirements of the DRS, since it has been improved and tested.

The ICC have also announced that they will be retaining the number of reviews a team will have during all formats of the game, with two reviews allowed per team in a Test match, and one in an ODI.

Another rule the CEC have passed is that of powerplays during matches, where bowling powerplays should be restricted to the first 10 overs of the match, while the batting powerplay of five overs should be taken before the start of the 41st over.

The CEC, have also called for the number of fielders allowed outside the circle during non powerplay overs to be set at four, and the number of bouncers allowed per over to be increased from one to two.

The CEC, also supported the notion of day-night Test cricket, but noted that there should be an approval from both participating teams, and that a suitable ball should be used as recommended by the ICC cricket committee.

Furthermore, there has been calls for the continuing promotion of the ICC World Test Championship and the 2015 ICC World Cup, which will see only 10 teams battling it out for the trophy.

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