A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: How does Virat Kohli keep his on-field aggression under control?

Kohli is looking to clean up his act for himself and his fans

India batsman Virat Kohli has been known to be one of the most aggressive cricketers during a match, but the current vice-captain seems to have found a saving grace in one of his other team-mates.

Kohli, noted that India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been helping him change his aggressive ways in order to become a better role model for the younger generation.

“I have been speaking to MS (Dhoni) a lot about it. He is one who doesn’t sink or go above that line. He is someone who is always around that calm line. It is important to learn such things from such important people. He keeps telling me that once I stay around that line I would keep improving as a cricketer. Once that graph goes too much above or drops you end up putting yourself under pressure,” Kohli said.

When asked about whether becoming vice-captain suddenly opened his eyes to the amount of aggression he displayed during a match, Kohli said: “When I became vice-captain, people around me told me that I need to change my aggression. Because people are watching me more and I need to change my aggressive attitude. ou learn with time. Initially, I reacted in a way I shouldn’t have. When I look back now…it was not natural. The build-up and the pressure or the special occasions make it tough to control the aggression.”

Kohli, who is considered to be one of the bright spots of a rather poor performing India team, does not see himself anywhere close to being a senior batsman in the squad.

“Please, I am not a senior batsman in this team. Good performances in a mere couple of seasons don’t make anyone a senior batsman. A person becomes senior batsman when he has performed consistently for six or seven years,” Kohli said.

Kohli, also mentioned that he felt extremely pleased now that he has changed his aggressive ways, and hopes to continue keeping his cool during intense matches that come up throughout his career.

“I am happy that it happened soon, I was able to realise that and able to learn from it. It is important you need to know your mindset and how to meet the expectations regardless of whether you are in or out of the team,” he said.

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