A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Luke Wright may have dengue fever

Wright believes he may have caught dengue fever while in India

England all-rounder, Luke Wright has revealed that he may have contracted dengue fever while playing for the Pune Warriors in the Indian Premier League (IPL), according to doctors.

Wright, via his Twitter account, also noted that he was still waiting to undergo blood tests to confirm the diagnosis.

The England all-rounder had returned home late last month to attend his uncle’s funeral, and was planning to return to play in the tournament this week, but is unlikely to do so given his condition.

The Daily Mail, quoted Wright’s tweet as saying: “Can’t remember feeling as bad as I have the last few days. Had to have a doc come to the house as I have a serious fever.”

“Got to go to A and E this morning for blood test! They think I may have picked up Dengue Fever in India. What ever it is I hope it goes very soon,” his tweet added.

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