A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Allan Donald sees resemblance between Dinda and himself

Donald sees a younger version of himself in Dinda

South African pace legend, Allan Donald has revealed that he becomes nostalgic about his own bowling action when looking at Ashok Dinda.

Dinda, who takes a huge leap in the air before bowling his deliveries, reminds Donald of how he used to jump in order to get the ball to bounce off the surface.

Speaking exclusively to PTI, Donald said: “I have no problem with his jump and that’s the way he has done it for a while now. It’s not something you see with most bowlers but he (Dinda) reminds me of myself. I too had to get off the ground high enough to snap very hard at the crease.”

Donald, also noted that he liked the hang time Dinda got in the air before bowling his delivery.

I love the hang time he gets before he snaps through the crease. The hang time allows him to get into a strong position before pulling the trigger. The action comes naturally to him but the stress on the body is huge so paying attention to his core will be something he will have to work hard on,” Donald added.

Donald, who has been working with Dinda in the Pune Warriors camp, has stated that India has to be clear on what role they want the 28-year-old to play.

“Dinda has impressed me with his attitude and skill. The question I want to ask, do coaches see him as a stand in for the big boys or a potential talent who you can back to do you a job no matter what? Of all the Indian bowlers I have seen, he is right up there. We all want to stack up the numbers (wickets) but there is a patiant process to follow and that for me will make him a big time contender in the Indian team,” he said.

During his illustrious career, Donald took 330 Test and 272 ODI wickets, which makes him an expert on pace bowling.

“Bowling is like a golf swing. It is all about feel and it is complex. There is a lot that can go wrong, if everything is not in-sync. When you are in good form, you have to understand why you are in that sort of form and again it brings me back to the training ground,” he said.

Being one of the best quick bowlers during the era he played, Donald also said: “The bottom line is, if you disrespect the way you train, mother cricket will rub your nose in the dirt. It’s easy to motivate someone when he is in great form but important time is when the player wants to know why his out-of-form. The player will straight away go to his ‘Default’ and that means there is a technical problem. (I used that same excuse). In my role, most bowlers understand there actions and know there roles within the team. So for me, to come in and tell them how to bowl is not going to work.”

However, with the Indian Premier League (IPL) being a Twenty20 tournament, the South African fast bowler does not feel it necessary to have a bowling session in the nets before the start of a game.

“In this form of the game, there is no point just rolling through a net practice just for the sake of it. From bowler’s point of view, we have to train under real pressure and that is simulating bowling in the Powerplay overs. I like doing that having a middle practice where the bowlers can set there field accordingly and the presure feels real then they can see for themselves what mistakes they make in there execution. The same goes when we practice just bowling yorkers,” he said.

Donald, also stated that in his opinion, Morne Morkel and Umesh Yadav have been the other stand-out bowlers in the tournament.

“Morne has shown what a class act he is and I love what Umesh brings into the game for his franchise as well as national team,” he said.

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