A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Which West Indian bowler let his bowling speak for him?

Ambrose’s confrontation with Waugh was very unlike his usually calm demeanour

West Indian pace legend, Curtly Ambrose, has revealed that during his career, he never used to say much to the batsmen because he liked to let his bowling do the talking for him.

It was nearly 17 years ago at the Queen’s Park Oval in Trinidad and Tobago where he and former Australian captain, Steve Waugh got tangled up in a huge confrontation, which Tony Crozier, who was commentating at the time, said that it “will be discussed for many years to come by those who watched it.”

However, Ambrose, who is known as the ‘gentle giant’, believes that he rarely used to get involved in confrontations with batsmen he was bowling to, and explained that his altercation with Waugh happened since he lost control of himself during the high pressurised series.

The Sydney Morning Herald, quoted Ambrose as saying: “I don’t get into a verbal confrontation with a batsman, I let the ball do the talking for me, but it was a high-pressured series and I just lost it for a moment.”

Ambrose, however admits that he still holds the utmost respect for Waugh, and was pleased when the heated altercation blew over.

I was quite glad it never went any further,” Ambrose said.

Another famous incident that really riled up Ambrose took place almost 19 years ago, when Dean Jones, much to the shock of his teammates, infuriated Ambrose by asking him to get rid of his sweatbands on his right wrist during an ODI final.

Ambrose, responded to Jones’ comments by ripping through the heart of the Australian batting lineup with a match-winning spell of five wickets for just 32 runs.

“I remember that clearly. I was a bit surprised. I was more upset with that situation than the one with Waugh, because I had been wearing the wristbands all my career, and I found it strange. I was really, really upset. I reluctantly took them off and you know what happened then,” Ambrose said.

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