A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Venkatesh Prasad believes bowlers need to be smarter in T20s

Prasad feels that bowlers in T20 cricket should stick to the basics

Former India pace bowler, Venkatesh Prasad, believes that bowlers in Twenty20 cricket need to stick to the basics and not complicate things too much in order to succeed.

Prasad, who is the bowling coach for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in this year’s edition of the IPL, also noted that bowlers should stick to their strengths, since they do not have the liberty of many bowling options, unlike batsmen, who can play a vast amount of strokes, both conventional and unconventional.

“You got to be smart but definitely not over smart. One should bowl to his strength. Obviously, the margin error is little in this format. Having said that, you cannot go away from your strength,” Prasad said.

Prasad, also stressed that it was still important for bowlers to maintain a good line and length, saying: “It’s not that since this is T20 one should keep changing the linelength and try different things. Then you give away too many runs. One should try to stick to the basics.”

However, Prasad also stated that it was important for the bowlers to be able to adapt different types of deliveries, so that they would not be easy to read.

“If out-swingers are my strength, then why should I try an in-swinger when I am not good at it? But at the same time when I am bowling an outswinger, I would not bowl it on the off stump and take it to the fourth or fifth stump but rather keep it on the middle, that way I am still bowling to my strength, tightening my line to give no room to the batsman, and still looking to nick him out. This is what adaptability is all about,” he said.

Prasad also feels that bowlers should keep calm and be intelligent during close matches.

“One has to be aware about the situation like when to bowl the slower ones or outside the off stump, yorkers etc. The thing is that good bowlers who have a variety of deliveries go for runs as they try that too often,” he said.

Talking about his team in the IPL, Prasad feel that Bangalore have given away too many runs in the matches they have played so far.

“That’s sort of an issue. I would take it as a problem of combination as to find out who are the all-rounders who can bowl those four or eight overs other than our three main bowlers,” he said.

Besides Bangalore’s bowling trio of Zaheer Khan, Daniel Vettori and Muttiah Muralitharan, none of the team’s other bowlers have made an impact.

“We are seeing what combination works. We should be having three other bowlers who could fill in those eight overs. It is an ongoing process,” Prasad said.

Prasad, noted that it was important for bowlers to have good support, otherwise the team would suffer in the end.

“A team needs back up in T20, whether it is the fifth bowler or the sixth or seventh batsman, it’s not that our bowlers are not capable. We defended a score of 157 against Delhi Daredevils. Murali bowled brilliantly as did Vinay. But then when we are not playing Murali because of the foreign players’ limitation we have more overs to fill in,” he said.

With Prasad sharing his years of experience with the Bangalore bowlers, the fans of the franchise will be hoping that it stops them from giving away too many runs, which eventually will help them get back to their winning ways.

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