A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Mohammad Azharuddin calls Dhoni an ‘unintelligent Test captain’

Azharuddin thinks Dhoni is not the correct man to lead the Indian Test squad


Former Indian captain, Mohammad Azharuddin, feels that Mahendra Singh Dhoni, does not have the ability to lead the Indian Test squad.

Azharuddin, however, noted that Dhoni was still a good ODI and Twenty20 captain, but, just does not have what it takes to captain in the longer format of the game.

Speaking exclusively to PTI, Azharuddin said: “He (Dhoni) has always been a very good captain in ODIs and Twenty20s but in Test cricket, he lacks a bit of intelligence, maybe, when it comes to taking instant on-field decisions.”

He also stated that in his opinion, there should be a different captain for each of the three formats.

“I feel that he is suited for ODIs and T20s but not for Test matches. I honestly believe that there should be three different captains for three formats,” he said.

“He is a very good player. Maybe, when he doesn’t have the pressure of captaincy on him, he would play differently. I think, it’s very hard for anyone to say whether he is justifies his place in the Test team or not, but since he is the captain, you have to respect that,” he added.

When asked about the Test whitewashes India suffered at the hands of England and Australia, Azharuddin said: “Lack of confidence and lack of preparation were the key reasons. We did badly because the ball swung a lot in those conditions.”

Azharuddin also noted that Rohit Sharma would be a suitable replacement for Rahul Dravid in the Test squad.

“Rohit Sharma should play. He is a talented cricketer and should be given a chance to play in all formats. Virat Kohli is another good player but he is already playing which is a big bonus,” he said.

Azharuddin, when asked about whether the Indian Premier League (IPL) was the reason for younger cricketers developing poorer techniques, refused to blame the tournament for the claims.

“Twenty20 and Test cricket are two different formats. It’s not fair to blame T20 or for that matter the IPL for the decline in quality of youngsters in Test cricket because players are different for T20s and Test matches. It should not serve as an excuse when you are not performing well. If you are a good player you should quickly adapt to different formats. Good cricketers perform well in every format,” he said.

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